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At Pritchard Power systems, we know your home is a busy place. The dependable protection provided by commercial-grade KOHLER® automatic home generators help keep your rhythm going, even during unexpected power-outages. With 8kW to 100kW output capabilities, KOHLER® home generators provide clean, quiet, worry-free back-up power to support your family’s safety and comfort for days, or even weeks.

In the case of a utility power outage, KOHLER® residential generators’ automatic hands-off capabilities work to get power to your home within 10 seconds, whether you're at home or away.

Residential Generators

Transfer Switches

The transfer switch acts as the brain of your KOHLER® home back-up power system by continuously monitoring for interruptions. If utility power fails, the switch automatically starts the power system, transfers the electrical loads and restores power to your home in a matter of seconds. When utility power resumes, the switch reverses the process, all automatically!

Residential Transfer Switches

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