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KD Series Pritchard Power Systems

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At Pritchard Power Systems our main focus is providing our clients with the best power system solutions, which we have been doing for over half a century in Winnipeg, Ottawa & Toronto. We are a proud distributor of Kohler Generators for the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario. Our team of engineers & certified technicians are experienced in all areas of power generation to get the job done right with the least amount of disruption to your family or business.

The Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg and Pritchard Power Systems
Pritchard supplies a 1000kW Kohler back-up generator to Manitoba's most iconic building Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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Why Pritchard Power Systems?

Like an oil change for your car, planned maintenance programs keep your power systems in top condition and running more efficiently. With Pritchard's qualified factory-trained technicians, we will customize a generator maintenance program for your system so you can maximize your product investment and minimize system downtime.

Optimize your equipment and keep your power system running efficiently by adding any of the following services.

  • Load bank testing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Engine belt replacement
  • Fuel cleaning & treatment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Thermal imaging
  • Oil & Fuel analysis

KD Series Pritchard Power Systems

Pritchard has been a symbol of reliance and service excellence since 1923. As a power solutions provider, we have served hundreds of places throughout Canada where we have not only earned a reputation, but have also set the standard for quality, reliability, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Pritchard Power Systems is the authorized Kohler Power Systems distributor for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, making it the largest territorial Kohler distributor in Canada. Since 1920 Kohler Power Systems has provided reliable power to healthcare, residential, factories, recreational vehicles, boats and countless other applications throughout the world!

We offer a full line of generators ranging from 8kW to 2800kW in diesel, natural gas, and propane with the option of delivery and installation of our products to almost any location with 24 hour emergency service. We place a tremendous value on the establishment of long-term relationships with our customers, which is evident through our superior level of technical support and our emphasis on customer service.

At Pritchard Power Systems we offer uninterruptible, on-demand, dependable power that can be utilized in a variety of applications. From communications, government, health care, and many other industries, we can supply you with power wherever and whenever it's needed. Whether you are looking for a rental, industrial, residential, or mobile solution, we can provide complete packages and comprehensive power solutions that can meet your unique or custom requirements.

Life goes on even when utility power doesn't... we have your solution!