Pritchard Industrial



Air Compressors in Winnipeg and so much more...

Pritchard specializes in evaluating each customer’s compressed air application and provides the most efficient and effective air system solution.  

Here at Pritchard Industrial we are your single source for all your compressed air needs. We have made it our mission to provide exceptional sales and service support, as well as engineering assistance and industrial solutions to our clients.  

Since 1923, when our company started as an entrepreneurial Winnipeg machine shop serving the growing garage and filling station industry, the name Pritchard has stood for excellence in metal fabrication and machining. Today, that reputation has grown to extend to all six divisions of Pritchard and now includes expertise in power, diesel, metal fabrication, hydraulic and compressed air systems.  

Pritchard's three Winnipeg locations are home to six divisions: Pritchard Dieseltech, Prichard Industrial, Pritchard Machine, Pritchard Hydra-Motion, Pritchard Metalfab, and Pritchard Power Systems.

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