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Diesel Generators

KOHLER® diesel marine generators are efficient and compact, delivering smooth power on demand. Designed for today’s sophisticated electronics, KOHLER® offers a diesel generator to handle nearly any load requirement.

KOHLER® diesel generators operate with an unparalleled level of performance, with the microprocessor-based Advanced Digital Control (ADC) or DEC3+ Control and the industry's most acoustically advanced sound shields

Gas Generators

Small in size but big on performance, KOHLER®’s time-tested alternator and reliable 4-cycle engines deliver peace of mind and dependability. The 4kW to 20 kW gasoline generators are perfect for both cruisers and sport boats.

Discover why the world's leading pleasure craft manufacturers specify KOHLER® marine generators!

Low CO Emissions Generators

By eliminating the carburetor and introducing a new generator catalyst technology, KOHLER® offers a more environmentally friendly gasoline marine generator with a control (ADC) and remote digital gauge that are easy to use and easy on the environment.

The new low carbon monoxide KOHLER® gasoline generators significantly reduce CO emissions by 99 percent, confirmed by both EPA emissions and KOHLER® reliability tests. Low CO gasoline generators exceed both CARB and EPA standards for Co and HC + NOx emission levels, and because they incorporate the KOHLER® Advanced Digital.

Featuring an electronic fuel injection system, KOHLER® Low CO marine generators are extremely fuel efficient, and backed by the KOHLER® Power Systems warranty and global support network.

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