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About Pritchard Dieseltech

If it’s diesel powered, we can do it

Our professional technicians can service, rebuild or retrofit just about every diesel engine ever made. We also provide complete repower solutions for older equipment to dramatically extend your equipment’s service life. We are proud of our reputation as the premier industrial and off-highway diesel engine rebuilder in central Canada. Confident in our abilities? You bet. After all, we have been doing this for over 90 years.

Pritchard Dieseltech’s mechanics, machinists, technicians and specialists are experts in their field - craftsmen who make machines truly perform. Our extensive service experience, combined with our ongoing investment in education and the latest equipment, are Pritchard Dieseltech’s assurance to you that the job will be done right first time, every time.

We are pleased to offer our customers the following solutions:

  • Field service
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics for mechanical, electrical and fuel systems
  • Site preparation, engine installation and removal
  • Contract maintenance programs
  • Mobile bay equipment servicing
  • Engine trimming and fitment
  • Cleaning and Inspection
    • Pressure wash system
    • Hot tank solution cleaning
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Crankshaft Grinder
    • RMS finish testing
    • 10" stroke x 74" long
  • Surface Grinder o For engine blocks and cylinder heads 17.3" wide x 61" long o RMS finish testing
  • Boring – Cylinder o Cylinder borer 7" dia. bore
    • Portable boring equipment 6" dia. Bore o Bore inside dia. from 11/16" to 4 1/8"
  • Honing
    • Automatic cylinder hone 2.4" – 6" dia. Bore o Adjustable hone for connecting rods
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection o Magnaflux crack detector for crankshafts, camshafts
  • Cylinder Head Rebuilding
    • Valve grinding
    • Pressure testing
  • Complete engine overhaul facilities, including mobile bay, with dynamometer and emissions testing for all off-highway applications
  • Component Overhaul and Remanufacturing
    • Complete pumps, welders, transmissions, clutches and hydraulic pump drives overhauled and reassembled
  • Engine Dynamometer testing ,engine performance evaluation and break-in
    • Emissions testing and compliance to 500 HP.
    • Service Contracts: Fixed fee service contracts are provided for engine and emergency generator system maintenance and overhaul.
  • Design and drafting services for mechanical, electrical, and product application assistance
  • On-Site Services Staff (Van Equipped)
    • Industrial heavy duty mechanics for on-site work
  • We also provide complete engine machining services, including:
  • Cylinder boring and honing
  • Block planning
  • Cylinder head rebuilding including surface planning, pressure testing, and valve work
  • Crankshaft grinding, polishing, journal hardness testing and magnetic particle crack detection
  • Connecting rod straightening, boring, and re-sizing.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

Pritchard Dieseltech can also provide custom design and manufacturing capabilities if required. Our access to the expanded Pritchard Group capabilities means we can take on multifaceted projects requiring more than just diesel power expertise.

For more information on the expanded capabilities of Pritchard please visit the following links:

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    Power system design, supply and maintenance
  • Pritchard Hydra-motion 
    Hydraulic system design, supply, manufacturing and service
  • Pritchard MetalFab 
    Metal component design, supply, fabrication and service
  • Pritchard Machine 
    Machining, welding, fabrication, milwright, and prototype development services